Tuesday, April 14

Indelible Ink…for the future!


My last blog update was quite back, agreed! But the point is, one needs encouragement to write. A person who writes, doesn’t necessarily wants money for it; he needs feedback, good or bad. That keeps him going…. And as well, also updated that people do read what he writes, why else would anyone post blogs…

Moving on, 15th Lok Sabha elections are going to take place. 1st phase polling will be two days later, and I believe, we must all go and participate, in this carnival of democracy, for a better India, a better world, and of course, a better neighbourhood, and a better livelihood. Go ahead, and get put those indelible ink on your nails, and support the one you think, will make the maximum impact. Most of Us, don’t see any point behind it. But I do…! Though, I get a stupid feeling that, we have to choose between the least rotten lot. But, in the present scenario and prevalent condition, we have to make the choice. One doesn’t have any other choice. Indifference won’t help. So, go ahead and make a wise choice!!!

However, in the long run, something drastic, something on a macro scale needs to be done. Because the society we are living in is far from equitable. The pace of growth is haphazard, and is inviting acrimony between different zones. At one hand, we have Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Noida, Chennai which can compete with the top cities of the world. At the same hand, we have Patna, Guwahati, Bhubaneswar where you get to see, even the bare minimum things lacking. You get to see, serious lack of enthusiasm, and ability to give concrete shape to plans. On one hand, we have cities like Delhi where BMW, Merc too many to get noticed, a large cascade of money floating around, where buying a 3BHK for Rs. 1cr, is not considered too expensive(by average standard). On the contrary, we have cities like Patna, where there is no Drainage, no proper Urban Planning, not much economic activity, no aesthetic(yeah, it has an own life, albeit a vibrant one, even without all this), and most importantly, no political or bureaucratic willingness to move ahead and change things. Lethargy has crept in decades back, and onus lies on GOVT ON INDIA, not making supra-regional economic headquarters, and then regional economic zones. Had we done that, since Independence, made some, say 8 supra eco zones, and then further 18-24 regional eco-zones, there would have been proper growth and development. It would have had curbed, many current headaches of government, migration, livelihood, sustenance of agrarian society. But the govt has maintained an eccentric behaviour.

Even after knowing the perennial problems, we are not doing anything to get hold of it, by its neck. It really irks me. To the core. Regular flood in Bihar, Drought in Orissa and Maharashtra, are we that inept, to sit back and watch. And still, it fails to stir the ‘mighty souls’. Why can’t we talk to Nepal, and get a permanent solution for KOSI sorrow, which not only takes away it hundreds of billion rupees in cash and kind, displaces millions, invoke migration(humiliation is a free-package along with it)of lakhs, kills thousands, and takes away with it not only the fertility of the soil, but also many dreams, myriad ambitions, and gives many wounds. Ditto about the drought, when we know it has to come, why can’t the ISRO, Agriculture Deptt., and other scientific bodies of India work on it to find some solution. A permanent one.

Just similar to the way, I was talking about economic zones, supra and regional, in a very similar vein, we need to have education infrastructure, institutions of repute, at different places. Not concentrated in one corner. Actions have been done, but they are too few, too little, and too late. Emphasis needs to be put on setting up research centres, not mere, commercialized shops of education. Lots of funds need to be diverted to research, if we want India to lead the way.

One Unique Identification of every citizen is the need of the hour, which acts as multi-purpose vehicle for accessibility to different requirements. We shall be able to track, how much and how soon is the benefit reaching across to our countrymen. And it will, also help us in fixing accountability for corruption, and benefits not reaching across to the targeted citizenry. Moreover, It will also help in keeping crime under control.

Water and Land is a precious commodity, Government has to guide its action to this branch as well, before it gets too late. Land is not being properly utilized. And we keep on cutting new grasslands for land requirements. It would be a herculean task, but an important one, that we start concentrating spread out villages to one point, so that the rest land could be used for farming, and facilities could be easily made available to the farmer and the rest. Same could be done about small towns, which wouldn’t be easy. But political acumen is the need. Staving off bureaucratic lethargy, a necessity! Water preservation has to be done on a large scale. In the same vein, I would carry forward issue of Environmental degradation, which has to be prevented any further, on any cost. Not much action is there on the forefront.

But frankly speaking, we as Indian, as common citizen, just are well versed with passing the blame. Do we really care enough, for Bharat? I see no civic sense prevailing in people, everyone expects Govt to do everything. Its high time, we realize Government is not an omnipresent Genie, its US. We change, Government Changes. If we really want this century to be of India, lets make individual resolve first, of doing small things for our motherland to begin with; lest it gets too late!!

Till the moment, we come across a revolution, which shakes up everything, and make a new start, lets go and vote! And choose, the candidate, who makes a difference……Or, if you feel really, this strong for the country so as not to vote in protest, go ahead fight elections in protest…..with your agenda!!! A muscleman, or politician can force people to vote for them, but remember we have secret ballot system. All you need to do is convince people, of your agenda, of a change, long due!!!

Start fantasizing about the indelible ink on your nails…… Jai Hind!

भारतवासीयो, भारत को चुनो, अपना मत दो...एक नए भारत के लिए! जय हिंद!


I humbly urge of you, to participate and give your views, how can we make the country better. There are lot of Ideas floating around in feedback! So, come lets get our head together! Its high time!