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So far all the financial requirements has been taken care by Nitin himself with some support from online friends. We need to understand that the current requirements are unprecedented and the resources are limited. The prime reason of making this film is to share the "real story" behind today's Bihar and the struggle of Biharis.

We need to showcase this film to as many people as possible, especially to the people of Bihar. All these activities need funds. We request you to buy the CD/VCD of Bring Back Bihar from us. The money thus generated will be used to publicize this movie and showcasing this movie to as many location as possible in Bihar and India.

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Bring Back Bihar: moment of awakening

Film By Champaran Talkies
written/narrated/Directed by: Nitin Chandra

"Your Life begins to end the day you become silent about the things that matter"
                                                                                               - Martin Luther King Jr.

Yup, thats how the movie begins, with my alltime favorite quote. At the very onset, I'd clear this out, its about the injustice that Bihar and Biharis have faced for decades, intermittently, or regularly. Its about the vitriolism the Bihar and its inhabitants have been facing.

But then, don't watch it, only if u are a Bihari. Watch it as an Indian. It tells you, how Bihar the epitome of everything good, demarcated into a 'bimaru' state. You are informed, in a light manner, with all the figures, how after independence, every successive government has been biased against Bihar, in providing resources, giving opportunities. When in UP and Maharashtra, there are more than 500 engineering and medical colleges, and other institute, in Bihar we can count on fingers. Even the institutes which were here, of national stature have been taken out of the state. How Bihar has been deprived of everything, and yet abused!!!

No amount of Rhetoric can take away the pain, the stigma associated, when someone glances at you with a abhorrence when the person comes to know you are from Bihar. Your degree ceases to carry any educational value, any weightage. Its assumed they are fake, or, you would have been provided with ample scope for cheating. The erudite and the fashionable, simply delights in bogging down Bihar, with no further scope. How a simple layman carries immense hatred against Biharis. Biharis has been just sinned against.

The movie holds you captivated, hold you down to the core. It tells and shouts in loud voice that though without oppurtunities, scope, and with hatred, still Biharis have the acumen to rise.

We as a nation are doing nothing about the fact that one of our part is being deprived of the basic necessities, when other parts are dwelling in luxury. India, cannot progress, without Bihar being taken to the path of success. Nitin Chandra's documentary forces you to think over and over, how the regular flood feature which destroys millions of lives every year, and deprives people of their homes, and livelihood forces people to move out of the state. Only if the Government, did something in last 60 years to curb the menace. But alas! Government has been busy with SEZ's, Gujarat, and other things, when thousand die every year. Are the Biharis worth this for the leaders? Chandra goes to places throughout India to corraborates his findings, and supplement it with hard hitting facts.

Every year hundreds of billions rupees, goes out of Bihar to the Children who have to study outside Bihar, because of lack of proper education facilities, most disturbing fact is along with money goes the Brilliance, the fertile minds. And the government does nothing about it! Properly supplemented with figures, it leaves u awe struck.

BBBihar, ellucidiates how Thackerey has caused misdemeanour to the India, by promoting regionalism. Nitin goes out of his way, to go to a rural hamlet, where one of the inhabitatns on having visited Mumbai, lost his hands, his livelihood for ever! Lest Raj forgets, Mumbai was not a part of Maharashtra, even after independence. But a part of Gujarat. And then Bihari labours or minds are warranted for, because they are hardworking. And they have had a large contribution to the Great Indian Dreams.

Even technically, movie is very sound. It provides u with visuals and interviews, where and when necessary. It will be worth around 90 minutes of romance with truth and realities. 

Watch it as an Indian, it will increase your gray cells, by few microns....go ahead, buy the movie. The proceedings of it goes to the flood affected people. More info about how u can buy it will be updated soon.

Documentary Rating: 4.5/5