Monday, August 31


This is yet again, in the series of the lost-and-found poems. This was one, which I had wrote when I was 16. I was in the happiest of mood, and one of my friend was in his worse. I wrote it, impersonating him. As if, I were HE. Foolish and Naive, as I was. And As I  am. Here is it...

A neurotic

When the sun rises
I start feeling sick
This 'd be the time
when I'd be lonely
admist the big crowd.
But accompanies me hope.
The hope of a special one.
Who shall bare away all
my undisturbed loneliness
There has been times
when my eyes had sparkled
with the sight of smiling faces
which promised me vibrant life
but soon they withdrew back.
Leaving in a situation worse.

I'm like the spiky thorny cactus
which is valued in deserts, alone
to quench the thirst of passer-by
The passer-by
who are not there to stay.
The valueless rogue
Unwanted in garden
of vibrant colored flower
where even my touch pinches
and oozes the blood out of
my sole lover; The Gardener.
The pious liquid i store
is of no use to those
living on river banks,
the place where my heart wanna be.
Satisfied, I'm watching
the wet lips and joys of passers-by.
The thorny untuchable ME!

Whenever I desired success
It ran far away, and
it was never too near.
As if it were the wind
which 'd ignite the spark; ME.
And others 'd be charred.
My failures,
The big ice blocks
uncountable in number
distinct and vivid
has doused me long before.
Now I need the wind
to live, to breathe.
My diluted strength
refuses now to SPARK.
The lifeless ME!

The only thing I Know
Is I have to live.
I have to fight back, anyhow
I've to get rid of somehow,
my unwished company
Failures, Loneliness, Sickness
Impoverishment, Hatred.
The life has to go, atleast move
and has to be for long
And it got to be strong.
Vibrant colors, Sparkle, Joys
will have to come to me.
Waiting for someone to
hold my hands and hug me
Someone.....who's there forever.
The waiting ME..........

Saline and all that....

This poem is one, which I wrote around 6-7 years back, when I was in 12th standard. A special Someone, a dear bosom friend,  found my poem somewhere, and surprised me by quoting all of it. It was on net, itself. On some old blog of mine! 
I find, my poems and other write-ups, funny now! And stupid as well. They are. But still, Am putting up here.

Mischievous Life

Nothing in life, I could feel,
And the air was extremely still.
I had chosen for myself, one way road
With, hallucinating, all of "ME" load.

No joy, No smile, No sorrow, No tear
Unperturbed, Nothing could bring me fear
Time drew back, but ambience still stale
My taciturn mouth & face remained pale.

A turn came, where aromatic fresh air disturbed
Beautiful birds came in and chirped
Many souls with myriad variety i met
One enigmatic soul got me attracted.

In perverse moments, two of our souls gelled
And now, out of nowhere unlimited happiness hailed
Weather got rosier and much better
As the thorns shrunk and trees got taller

That was the cosiest of times worth everything
Together were the two souls, on each road, every x-ing
The b'ful sweet water lake started expanding more
Brought sparkles, smiles & laughters galore.

Spring had stepped in, to change me
Vibrating colourful life, everywhere I could see
Lovely red daffodil leaves, golden waterfall
Always to my ear came, my favorite soul's call

But not long, when dusk suddenly dawned
Mockingly, all good things yawned
Heartless souls created around us cacophony
And Darkest of clouds assured viacrious harmony

Clouds hovered high, Heavy rains lashes around us all places
Birds, like our happiness, vanished leaving no traces
But our sould had wished happiness but not ephermal
Smile, the sould put up as a facde, only unreal.

Absent were beeches, encircled us mud
Apocalyptic silence, nothing could be heard
when heartless souls again gave us a jerk
Terrible enuff to make our life berserk.

Strangers to tear, the seperated sould cried.
Realizing, promises by life were lied.
Left with only hopes, future, poor sould didn't, then, see
heartbroken, as i reminisces, SALINE TRAIL ME
However hard i try SALINE TRAIL ME.

P.S: Instead of "SALINE TRAIL ME", there was "TEARS FAIL ME"..but Another dear friend has his poem by the same tweaked it a bit!

Still going strong..

this poem was written by me, a few years back....on a day of autumn, on a day of reminiscing someone special, on a day of love, on a day of remembrance. 4 years back.

The Moonlight Still goen strong
Breezes still creating a beautiful song
And me, still all alone. All Alone.
Then why is it taking you so long
Come on honey, has been too long.
Standing on the bridge across the lake
Reminescing, the love we used to make
Your touch and the shiver it did get
Your absence, the way it gives me heck!
Darling, it has been extremely long
With the feeling ever growing strong
Can't bear without you, can't always be alone.
Come on sweetheart, IT HAS BEEN  TOO LONG.
And I'm all alone.

Sunday, August 30

एक इजाजत दे दो बस....

एक इजाजत दे दो बस....

Wednesday, August 19

A long delay!


Aboard Sachkand Express. Nanded-Amritsar. 

| I derive source for my writing from my

laziness, and       

observation! But, People…I am not getting time to be lazy! (lol) So many things, So little time!  And a pressure to prioritize, putting other things before blogging and many personal agendas.

Meanwhile, Journey allowed me to finish three novels.

The Kite Runner, Thousand Splendid Suns. Both by Khalid Hosseini and The Six Suspects by Vikash Swaroop(Q&A/Slumdog Millionaire fame). Latter one is a thriller based on real events, and movie rights for this has been already bought. Previous two, though, tells the tale of Afghanistan, but it has been done with such a beauty, that you get touched with all the facts, and you never think in the process! Both are masterpiece, by a master story teller! I can read them, a thousand times over!

Would return soon on the circuit! With a bang! till then, take care!