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Sorry for the delay, in 'The Black Rose-Final'

People, I am genuinely sorry, for having kept you waiting for the third and final part of the story!!!

I have to shift to a new nest, and its giving me nightmares, people. For last three years, was living at the same flat, but since the landlord could only increase the rent at 12% annually, he thought better to get us off the block. Afterall, the rent has surged to 200%. I really, don't understand how on this earth, people do pay astronomical rent!

And now, I do not want to stay in Ghaziabad, as the basic amenities are hard to come by, with 8-12hours of power cut, and many vital things missing, like proper public transport. So, I have been searching for nest in Delhi, in Jamna Paar, but even there the rent is 300-400% higher than the one I am paying.

In last four years in NCR, I have had changed 8 flats, of which last three years were spent in just one. I don't know, what future holds. I love this city, but its high rentals doesn't want to love me, or get loved by me.

.....Will update the post soon....

Thursday, May 28

The Black Rose-II

Read the 'THE BLACK ROSE-I' first.... here is it..

All around, it was filled with colourfully dull lights. Just where Ranjit lay, squirming in bed out of pain, the wall infront of it had one more red night-bulb. HE was trying to open his eyes, but he could manage opening it only partially. Just then, an extremely huge lady entered the place, and it made him sure, he was in HELL! After all, Heaven is meant for beautiful angels. Hell!, Was his life, really so much full of sins! With these thoughts in mind, he tried inquisition with the lady. But such was his conditions, that he miserably failed. He tried lifting himself toward the head of the bed.

"Wasn't your that action, enough? That now, you trying further to hurt you"

Reprimanding Ranjit, the huge nurse, moved across the room, got a syringe in her hand, came near him, took his hand and was trying to locate the veins. Ranjit was a healthy person, yet now, locating his veins was such a big headache for her. Remotely sensing the green hue, on his hand, she punctured his skin with syringe. Not allowing him the time to protest even. And he lay silent again.

In morning, when the neighbor's children were playing cricket, ball had went on Ranjit's terrace, the terrace where he lay almost presumably dead. Children out of shock, by such a horrid scene of their humorous Ranjit uncle, screamed so loudly that their parents arrived in almost no time, literally. Cops were informed, and so was "Maa", from his cell phone's address book, and he was taken to a nearby Government hospital. Yeah, Ranjit deserved this, thought his neighbor Mr.Sharma, for ruining their Sunday. There was huge loss of blood, but, as fate would have it, people of his O+ blood group and his acquaintances, proved to be too many, to even allow him to do one thing out of his wish, without any boundary.

Such was life, when he wanted to live, he was denied. It looked like, the very same people denied him the LIFE in his lifetime. When as a ten-year old kid, it fancied him to become a lemon-soda seller on the road. Lemon's colour, and fizz of the soda not only enticed him, but also gave him immense optimism. Once when he was thrashed by his parents for having fought with a kid, the tears that had ensued, faded away after seeing the lemon-soda seller. Aah, the lemon, the soda, and the fizz!!!
But as he grew older, things started turning extremely difficult for him. Ranjit and his father, were extremely happy about his admission in one of the best colleges of India. His father gifted his favourite motorbike, and he thought of gifting his father a tie. He bought the tie for his father, and had reached the entrance of his street, when someone told him about an accident, minutes ago. It was his father's dead body on which the necktie was kept, on his pyre. It was his last gift to his father.

All of 19, he was devastated, broken, and apocalypse seemed to surround him. But there was more in store. It was not even a year, when his mother decided to marry his father's colleague, a divorcee. Ranjit had always thought him to be a boorish rake, a third-grade person, a lecher. Rather, he had known. Once when he came to home mid-way through his class timing, because of high fever, he entered through the back-entrance. Today he didn't want to walk on the reflecting marble, which meant a good 25 feet walk to front entrance, when on other days, he loved to walk and see toward the ground, to see his reflection. Back-entrance used to be open for maid servants to come, in evening, and morning. Only in night it used to be closed. When he entered home, he entered a disgusting surprise. Mr. Khanna, the boor, was in his mothers room. His mother was lying stark naked on the bed, and Mr. Khanna was humping her. But he never told anyone about it, not his parents, nor himself. It all flooded his mind today, when he came to know about his mother's desire to change her surname to Mrs. Khanna.
He packed all his belongings in a bag, overnight, and when the night enveloped the world, he embraced the open world, on his Hoodibaba bike!!!

With no plausible qualification, no money, no home, no mother, he set out to write his own destiny. He did to an extent. Took a menial job, continued studying through out,took a better job in a call center, and with gift of his oratory skills soon made enough progress, to become team-leader. Throwing open his ears to all the cuss words, made by the white skinned. Soon and slowly, jingoism occupying him, because of his BPO experience. All he seem to be wanting now, by every day, was to become an IAS officer, and serve his mother Earth. He gave the exams twice, and failed to clear both times. Meanwhile, his colleague in office, Mandira seemed to be making an equally strong impression on his heart. The first kiss in the cab, led to promises of life and death together. Passion overtaking each other, every minute. Ranjit approached Mandira's father, and told him in simple words, that he would like to marry his daughter. Her father, was a retired army man, to him the thought of his son-in-law being a petty glorified-executive irked him. Further to Ranjit's ill credit, he had lost his father to life, and his mother to some boor. He set out a condition, which he thought, Ranjit would not be able to clear. Become a grade-I officer in a government job.

Mandira was made to leave the job, Ranjit left his own as well, to concentrate on IAS prep. Two years salary was enough to sustain him for another 1 year, and it the time, he had cleared his PRELIMS, and given his MAINS. A day before MAINS examination, Mandira's best friend Alka, informed Ranjit, that Mandira has gone to her home-town Lucknow, and she is quite sure, Mandira would be getting forcibly married. She claimed she had enough inklings. Needless to say, perturbed Ranjit could not concentrate on his papers well. He was sure of not clearing. On further telephonic inquisition, he could make out they had gone to Lucknow for some wedding. He headed to Lucknow, where he met the Colonel father, who refused to let him meet her, claiming innocence about her whereabouts.While his home spoke in volumes, of a marriage celebration, recently concluded....Why didn't even she inform him, he thought! Was their love, so feeble!

Ranjit couldn't make out, who to live for! In hospital,When he gained consciousness, Mandira was infront of her. Impulsively, She slapped him hard, and then hugged him tight, as if never to let go of him. Then she told him, that she had gone there for her cousin's marriage. And she had seen him from the window, when he came to meet her father. She nagged about his shirt's colour, when he met her father. Maddy, as he often called her, assured him that, she would keep on meeting him, as and when possible, with the support of Alka.

Soon he was shifted to his flat. He started recovering. Mentally, and emotionally as well. He wanted to live, cry in joy, hit himself for his stupidity, rebuke himself for the suicide attempt. For the moments of self doubt, and doubt on her love. For failing to give his MAINS Examinations well. For delaying everything by an year, in the best scenario.

The day MAINS result was to be declared, he went gloom. He didn't even log on to the result website. Mandira had managed to come today. She asked him whether, if he had checked his result. There was a tinge of sadness in her voice. He said, "When I know it, why to check it?"
Aah..there she slapped him again. A tight hard slap.
"Such an asshole, Ranjit. You have cleared it!"
"Haah! Disgusting Joke! Why you reminding me, of it, even? why humiliate me?"

Another slap on his face. And he was starting to believe it.

"I mean, how come. And if its really so, why you sad? You must be kidding"

"I am sad, because for an year now on, you 'd be on training and faraway in Mussorie, Hyderabad. How would I be able to......"

Before she completed her sentence...

"..Slap me!"

There was love in the remark. There was fondness in the words. And there was the tenderness in the slap, that ensued again on his remark......

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THE BLACK ROSE-III, would be soon written and updated...

Awaiting your critical feedback / comments....

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I'd publish the full story soon. Till then, came here to entertain / disgust you with this little piece of story. People, now...come on....have some sense left....

(Click on the above link)

Would update the Black Rose -II in a day or two....

Wednesday, May 20

The Black Rose - I

For a change, I am updating a short story. It would be in three parts. The response to the first part would decide, whether and how the consequent parts would come, if at all.....Let me know, your feedbacks....

The Black Rose - I

[ this is rough draft of the story] did not stop bugging him. Ranjit just lay, in his bed changing sides. It didn't help either. The thought process was swallowing his being, undermining his existence, eating him up, and overworking his grey cells.

How could he allow such things to happen to himself. It was nothing as he had planned, or he thought as it would happen. EVEN In the rarity of chain of events, Ranjit could not have fathomed, his life would lead him where he lay now. Perturbed, disturbed, hallucinated, and clouds of uncertainty, doubts hovering all around him.

Unable to take anymore, he got up from his used-to-be-comfortable bed. Went straight into the kitchen, picked the Sprite bottle after many thoughts, of the many cold drink bottles, in which he used to store water, and imagining the Green bottle to be a moss on stone, lying at the lake end, gulped down the half of 1.5L. As if, that would bring him back, get his gray cells back to sanity, and world. He lit the stove kept there, and put on it Sauce-pan to make coffee. Pouring a large mug of water, followed by a three teaspoon of coffee. He liked it that way, strong and dominating. Once at, Costa Coffee, he had drank strong Black Coffee, with Mandira. Mandira, out of curiosity of taste, had took one sip, only to slurp it all out. Vapours were going out of sauce-pan at a speed which could not catch up with the pace of, sanity going out of Ranjit. As the aroma spread and reached his nostril, the sauce-pan content was neatly filtered out in his favorite Sky Blue/Black mug, and a Navy Cut lit. much he liked the deadly combination. Caffeine and Nicotine. How much Ranjit craved for both, especially after having had a long session of making out. He was performer in bed, or atleast so she said, in so many ways.

The sky in its vastness, on a dark Amavsya night was not giving anything. the aura was lull, breeze, even had seemed to left him tonight. How dull, he thought! Success and failure, is nothing, but the attitude of mind toward your own aspirations. Half of it is what you perceive, and Half is what others perceive and make you perceive. Its a relative equation with your mind. Sipping coffee, after a deep puff....sitting on terrace, he contemplated the point of his life. He could not see anything; Such darkness prevailed, in night and his life!!!

His eye glands gave up, and he cried. He inserted his hands, meanwhile, in his Jeans pocket, took out a paper, which looked like a letter, and a blade. Ranjit carefully, yet without giving it a second thought.....simply slashed his wrist, in a fury. Such deep was the cut, that, within an instant....a blood started drizzling on the floor, and he felt with a thud.

Along with his body, and pool of blood, lay across a suicide letter addressed to the world, in which he blamed none, and praised all, except himself. Written in a concise manner, it said...that his purpose in the world had ended. He would remain indebted to one and all, for being a part of his life....

The night had enveloped deep dark mysteries. And therein, lay the body of Ranjit, pulses coming to an end, His body getting excessively cold....

Here is the sequel to it, The Black Rose- II

Thursday, May 7

Need of the hour: RANN

This song is from the upcoming movie; RANN(see the pic above, click on it to read the text).

I was awe-struck by the stark truth presented. Obviously, The song showed me a harsh truth or the reality. I have been one of those hard-hitting optimistic about Bharat, and its future.

I stand by what I said in last post, There has to be a revolution on a huge magna scale. A complete overhauling of the Bharatiya System. Someting has to be done. We can't sit idle... Its not just about Politician, Bureaucrats, Industrialist, Petty Government Employee.....its also about Me, and You: THE US. We let things happen! Come, Stand...Be Counted!

Jai Hind!