Tuesday, December 30

Mobile Scenario in India

Next Year itself, all the cellular numbers in Bharat, would get converted into 11 digit, all the current numbers getting pre-fixed with 9. This is done in league with the ever-increasing cellular subscribers in Bharat. 
It would also include, the pager numbers. Though Pager Usage is on decline.

Around February next year, 3G spectrum would be auctioned, and very soon, you would be able to view streaming live TV, cricket matches etc. on your 3G enabled cell phone. Though in metros, not everyone would be able to. As spectrum is less, and it would be allotted to at most 2 operators, other than MTNL/BSNL. 
In worse cases, they would be offered 2G spectrum as well.

By the way, China by-passed 3G and directly hopped onto 4G.

And yeah, one more information for all you Chinese Phone users, next year onwards, you might not be able to use Chinese mobiles, as most of them do not have IMEI no.(Mobile's identity, in  layman's word). So, better start looking for reputed brands. By the way, just for information, all reputed brands get their handsets manufactured in China, including Spice(Indian by brand).


Tuesday, December 16

Bruised is my soul! Winter, might heal it!

Lonely, yeah, that's what I am, at the moment!

Loneliness eats me up from within, hallucinates my being, bogs me down to the extreme core! It takes away rationalization from me, and along with that takes away, my genuine smile(fake smiles are always there on my face 24x7, aah, yes even when I am sleeping), my happiness, my reason of existence..quite everything, almost.


It bothers me all the more, because its winter, again! Winter, my favourite season. The season when flowers are getting ready to nip again, trees having shed its every leaf, getting ready for the extravaganza of greenery, romance enveloping the weather, love and friendship taking the lead in everything, air has its own peculiar charm. Winter has a different touch, it heals souls, and has everything which is good(except for the cracked skins, and bad odor emanating from having not bathed for a week).


It felt so good walking by Siri Fort Road, in this weather, fresh leaves, fresh cool breezy air, fresh girls...errr....i mean beautiful girls puffing one after another, and then returning back to Cafe Coffe Day, for a Masala tea, accompanied by an orange muffin, and enjoying every sip sitting outside CCD, under the warm sun. Wow! If that's not heavenly, what is!


But this time, is different!!! Winter seems to be punishing me. Punishing me, for the decisions I made.

Quitting Engineering after second year, doing injustice to the first year English Major Course, and then......haaah..lots of thing!!! Were these decisions not put into practise, I'd have been a well-paid Engineer, by now, as my friends are. But I don't regret my decisions! They were mine, they didn't pay-off as I thought they would, so what!! Life always can't be good to you, not always! In my case, there has been rarity of good things. They ought not to be!


Well, as springs are not forever, so should be with Summers!!! Always in a hope, always optimistic, always the one to stretch my jaw muscle a bit extra......will wait for the loveliest weather, WINTER, in my life....




P.S.: This blog hasn’t much significance in larger context. It was only intended to vent out personal angst, frustration. Social based issues will feature soon! Till then, keep visiting....



And yes People, to keep me going, you need to give me my food, my feedbacks. However, Whatever, good, bad, they encourage me to write....absence of them makes me turn a nelson’s eye toward my own blog! So if you have read till here, do not close this tab or type another address in the address bar, before typing for me a small review!!! Thnx, Cheers!


Thursday, December 11


I wanted my first post to be something different!!! Something, about how desperately, I wait for winters to come. How I love this weather, its aura, falling orange and red leaves, the cool breeze, the intoxicating aroma hovering around in the season, which makes you yearn for so beautiful things in life, Nicotine, caffeine, someone's embrace, quilt's warmth and how it is the loveliest place to be!!! But somehow, was left with no plausible option.


Well, Now, I have started taking up two tuitions for two basic purpose.

1. Since, I am an UPSC aspirant, I need to have a broader look at NCERT books(I was an ICSE/ISC) passout.

2. Money, Honey!!!


Today, while returning back from Vasant Enclave, after taking a tuition, I took a bus from Dhaula Kuan to Safdurjung Terminal(btw, I walked all the way from VasantE to MotiBagh). Then, I took a bus back to Anand Vihar from there. It was 2215hrs. And from there, Ghaziabad(UP) juridisction starts, and they have this very interesting idea of closing all public transport by 2200hrs(in order to prevent crime, The top Hottest city of the world closes public transport. Won't be surprising, if tommorrow they prohibit people from coming out of home to prevent crime)


After 30-35minutes, finally got a law defying auto-wallah, had to hang on to side bars, and tag along. Finally, got a seat in a while. There was this lady, who was panicking, bacause a person in Swift Car, was following her for quite a while. She started crying, and asked Auto-wallah to stop the auto near any police post, personnel. But the auto-wallah got apprehensive, he would get caught in this problem, and secondly also because he was defying the rule. He didn't stop near the police patrol car. I asked him twice to do that.


Then, she, incidentally got down at the stop, I did. She asked me for help, if I could walk her to her home. Obviously, even I had, by then got concerned about the lady and her safety, as I saw the 40-something man, following the auto, stopping where the auto-stopped, moving again at the same pace, and also continously staring at the lady, and making obscene gestures. I asked her, first of all, not to panic. Then, I had to request her to stop looking backward, and keep on moving straight. While, all on earth I wanted then was to get hold of him, drag him out of the car, and give him a lesson to remember for his life. But, the lady would have got false advertisement by then. I might not be strong enough to fight someone, physically!! But that does never  deters me, as I would have done what I wanted, never to think about the repercussions.

Meanwhile, I called up 100 from my cellphone, here is the transcript, that followed:

"Hello, Police Control Room!! Sir, Mai Rajeev hu. Ek mahila hai unhe apke sahayta ki jarurat hai. Ek aadmi unka kaafi der se peecha kar raha hai, aur gande sanket de raha hai! Humlog abhi Vasundhara, Sec-4 me hai...."

Before, I could finish....

"tum kaun bol rahe ho? tum us aurat ke saath kya kar rahe ho?", cutting me short, he replied

"Ye musibat me hai, inhe meri sahayta chahiye thi. Mai bhi usi auto se safar kar raha tha..."

Cutting me short again, "Ye admi inhi ka peecha kyu kar raha hai? Itni raat to ye aurat kya kar rahi hai"

I thought the lady's voice might melt him and handed over phone to him. My blood was raging, anyways, at his questionnaire.


He started asking quite uncomfortable qsn to the lady, she said, "Bajay iski aap meri madad karo, aap maje le rahe ho?"

I snatched the phone from her, and said....

"I have the SSP no, and I know him personally, you want me to call him up, and complain about you as well. Get it simple, clear, and loud..It is A silver Swift Car UP-14AP-2437, and we are near Mewar College, either send the cops now, or ......and yes, write down the lady's no."  I asked for her no, and gave it to him.


Since, He was driving very slow, and just behind us, he might have had heard me getting furious at a cop. He turned his car backward, and suddenly zipped away.


That leaves me so frustrated, and so disgusted at the attitude, thinking, of the people.


1. An International magazine had rated, Ghaziabad as one of the the, and on top of the list "10 Hottest Cities of        the WOrld". Ohh, really in what terms? Civic amenities, law and order, transport, health, electricity??  No,          Naaah, Nahi!!!Or, as I say, just the  property prices??? Could very well be that consortium of builder paid in      millions, to get this published! So deeply rooted is corruption, that at times every thing tend to loose its                  credentials, and credibility!!!

2. Its falls under National Capital Region, and yet it has no proper transport system, people have to rely on                 private plying autos. And then, prohibiting public transport by 10pm to curb crime. Gosshh!! Why not                force people inside home! No one would move out, and eventually no crime.

    Since, Ghaziabad police's lower rank officers are so inept, corrupted(in detail, about that some other time. I          have    numerous example), they think its the best way out, and they could relax, and get bribes from those          flouting        their  norms! Pathetic!

3. Men with such disgusting attitude should be castrated, slapped, insulted infront of their mother, sister, wife,            and daughter. Such male, stooping so low, get all male labelled as "so many names". Let it be!

4. What is a police officer supposed to do? Ask the lady, in gory details, sitting at the comfort of office, and             not       doing anything about it. When all he has got to do, is call a nearby PCR?


Such irksome things, really bothers me to the core!


hardly a metre from Kaushambi(UP) is Delhi. I would say, Delhi Police is one of the best in the world. Courteous, friendly, efficient, Comparatively though! Civic Amenities are world class, red-tapeism and lethargic bureaucracy are comparatively lesser. Why can't UP learn from its counterpart???? Metres away and yes so far!!! You get to see the huge difference, on the divide, standing at any point of the long border UP shares with Delhi.



And why we as an individual wait for groups to form first, and believe they should do everything? Have we become really that selfish, such self-centred? Are we not supposed to protect any women's(for that matter, anyone) dignity? Have we not been taught Indian Culture, or, was it too hard for us to imbibe? Leave imbibing, how does our conscience allows us to run away leaving someone in distress(Assuming that bastard, had no conscience at all)? It is only when, tragedies falls on us, that we realise the gravity of the situation, only then, nature of the realm beckons us!!! Why?


Why? Its high time, we all put ourselves to certain plausible amount of introspection!!!!

Will Quote few lines from "Madhushala"


क्षीण, क्षुद्र, क्षणभंगुर, दुर्बल मानव मिटटी का प्याला,

भरी हुई है जिसके अंदर कटु-मधु जीवन की हाला,

मृत्यु बनी है निर्दय साकी अपने शत-शत कर फैला,

काल प्रबल है पीनेवाला, संसृति है यह मधुशाला।।

---- बच्चन




Wednesday, December 10

Back to Blogging, after a long hiatus! Welcome....

मृदु भावों के अंगूरों की आज बना लाया हाला,
प्रियतम, अपने ही हाथों से आज पिलाऊँगा प्याला,
पहले भोग लगा लूँ तेरा फिर प्रसाद जग पाएगा,
सबसे पहले तेरा स्वागत करती मेरी मधुशाला।।
— बच्चन (मधुशाला)

Finally decided to start blogging all over again, after an hiatus of 3 years. (Last blog of mine was around two and half years back, then I used to blog athttp://abhiyantriki.blogspot.com and http://wheatandrose.blogspot.com, but then all of a sudden decided to suspend it all

My Grey Cells keep on buzzing me every now and then, which somehow gets diversified and eventually lost in plethora of insipid activities. However, now, I’ll try to Bindaas Bol now, as soon as a brain rhythmic activity occurs!

Well, I quoted Bacchan Saheb at the very first, as I always have been a die-hard fan of his trilogy, including Madhushala, which has been my alltime favorite!

I’ll be writing about almost everything and eventually, nothing…hehe! That’s not my plan, though! I usually write toward matters pertaining to society, nation, interest, hobbies, politics et al. So, Incase you find my works/write-ups/scribbles/random thoughts/useless banters, useful, informative or interesting, do not forget to link me up. (Afterall, at many instances, don’t you wish, that someone(in some cases,”that someone”), read your personal diary. So no harm, if I expect you all to read this not-so-personal or rather, public blog. 
And comments are mandatory…..Good or bad, doesn’t matter…..

so, welcome aboard….

http://bharatmelange.blogspot.com /


Rajeev Ranjan.