Wednesday, June 24

Views & Reviews: A PoV

Well, I have decided to dedicate ‘A little of Everything’ only for stories, poems, fictional material, and other things. While all the hardcore (don’t get me wrong) articles would be reserved for Views & Reviews: A PoV.

Depends on the popularity. If I don’t get much visitors there, would come back and post here itself…

Do book mark it…and let me know….if you like it….

Friday, June 19

--Sorry for the interruption! Milte hai ek break ke baad...

Sorry folks, I am not able to get online nowadays.....

Airtel uses the tag line, 'Everywhere'...but it is not there in the area I have shifted. Seems, they have no plan as well, to extend their services to the area I live in. Courtesy them, I have been away from Internet, and from you people for a fortnight now. Away from Internet, didn't seem to me, to be away from the whole society, as normall few people around me, tends to feel in similar circumstances. Because, I tend to rely on other modes of communication when one fails me.Well, everyone does...hehe!!
My new abode has certain pros and cons, compared to old one:

Pros first,
Better ventilation and natural lighting
Almost no electricity cut
Good connectivity with Entire NCR region,
and Great Public Transport availability(Metro Station at around 2kms, Noida & Ghaziabad, both-5/6 kms, Nizamuddin-2km)
Since on 2nd floor, 3rd one bears the direct Delhi heat and cold
No Landlord interference (One of the most imp. thing)
Entire Market, within 0.5 kms, and open till late night
Proximity to Nizammudin, New Delhi and Old Delhi Rly Station
Access to Terrace all the time

Not much Privacy,
Neighbours seem more interested in my Visitors
Not as much good locality
No Parking facility; there is one Rana Ji of Rana properties whose shop is on ground floor, he keeps on intimidating, and he keeps photos of his with PM, CM, and who's who in his office to aid him in doing so. I wonder if he is Boman Irani of Lagey Raho Munnabhai.
No Single cupboard in entire home, not even a single wardrobe
Neigbours keep on fighting amongst each other, and throwing squeezed up mango skin and seeds on stairs.
I almost managed helping myself from falling
smaller area compared to last flat

Last heard: One of my acquaintance taking a shop on rent in Greater Kailash Market for Rs. 25lakh/per month. And he protested when I said, its super costly. He says its reasonable. Mc' Donald in GK pays Rs. 40lakh/per month. Moreover, he told me about a Surd Landlord who wants Rs. 60lakh/per month.
My both eye balls seemed to spring out of socket, and revolve around a bit. When I thought 60Lakh x 12 months= Rs. 7.2 Cr.With one year rent, I could live my entire life happily, by investing them wisely.
No wonder that in Delhi NCR, I see property dealers office proclaiming "Flat hi flat", more often than I see, any Pan shop, or any Grocery. Last counted on the by lanes near my home, one single road 200-250mts in length has 16 property dealer shop.
The flat I took, was given to me by a property dealer himself. He charged me one month rent as commission. And He is the landlord himself! :-
It seems, their fathers bought a flat, a land and they were spoiled by the sudden richness which came their way, after Delhi's Development. So now, they buy a TV, install it in their office, hang a map of Delhi, and whole day wait for people of who they would suck out money. Then, rent out their own flat, then get it vacated, and get it rented again. Huh! Further, get assured that you running out of luck, when the flat you finally liked after watching the dozen others(in my case, around 60-70 OMG can't believe myself), is being said to have another two dealers in between, and the base dealer got to it via-via another one. They might charge you twice as much commission.
I finally took this flat, because my pockets were getting heavier by day with visiting cards of dealer, with no proper result. .....

lots of more to write, but will save for some other time.......


P.S.: Sorry Guys, I am not being able to read your blogs.....allow me some days....

Monday, June 8

I am away from Computer....

Guys I have been away from computer for quite long. I was quite busy with friends, who are leaving the city, and I have been deeply occupied myself, in shifting my flat. Shifted from a 2BH(D+D)K, parking, terrace flat to 1BHK, from Ghaziabad to Pandav Nagar, From UP to Delhi, from a 3 year no-contact with getting messed up in quarter a century good-for-nothing-and-disgusting-money leeching property dealers, From NH-58 to NH-24, from ground floor to second, from ample parking to no-parking, from a modest rent to high rent, from 6-18hours of electricity cut to no power cut, from further from my dreams to closer to my dreams ......

Gimme time...I'll be back...soon!

Monday, June 1

The Guava Flavour

Read this first The Black Rose-I

and then this, The Black Rose-II

Ranjit was deep asleep, when he received a call.

"Rajit, Do me a favor!"

"Yeah, Maddy!"

"Please go and pluck few leaves off Gauava tree, from the tree branch dangling near your portico."

"Why the heck, at this hour? What happened?"

"Sweetheart, need a slap, or you would do it?"

Ranjit, didn't give it a second thought, since more provoking thought was the one, which made him touch his cheek. He instantly hurried and got 5 leaves.

"Yeah, Maddy Sweetie, what do I do with it?"

"Well, go to kitchen, put the sauce pan with a mug of water, wash the leaves and put it to boil, and then call me back."

He obliged, without questioning. He loved her absolutely. And she reciprocated in a more fierce manner. Slap was an integral part of their love. She never gave it up, Because he didn't want her to. It reminded them, of their love. Slap for Love. Love for Slap. Only if the whole world, could play the slap-love game, and be at peace.

"Yeah, Madame, Now?"

"Put two teaspoon of sugar in it, and let it simmer for next one minute."

"And then, add quarter to one teaspoon tea???"

"Yup! But how did you guess it?"

"Years of hardcore courting you, and over the time, learning new recipes you keep on inventing for me"

Yes. She gave him a new recipe, unheard of usually before. Once she suggested him to get a PAPAYA flavoured ice-cream for her, and when he failed, he was dilligently taught how to make it, and then get it for her. At another time, he was taught how to make 'Egg_juicy', which tasted, absolutely, superb. WHile the idea, of throwing open raw eggs in fried onions, slightly put him off. But he trusted her in these manners. And she trusted him in the rest.

"Oh! No pour it out, and squeeze half a melon, buddhu!"

"Would you like to taste it? Should I preserve it till tommorrow"

"No. You taste it, and if its good. Make it for me, when I come. The GUAVA FLAVOR TEA"

HAHAHA. SO I made this funny part up....its not the part of the main story...or any relevance. Just that, I tried this thing a week before. It was midnight, I was standing near the main gate, covered under the shade of a Guava tree. Fragrance moved me, and Tea, I can't resist. There was no milk at home. So I tried this innovative thing. Since Last one week, me and my friends have had drunk it more than a couple of dozen times. Few like it with ice-cubes.

So, you got the recipe?

I love cooking. For more exciting recipies mail me at: