Saturday, January 31

So far all the financial requirements has been taken care by Nitin himself with some support from online friends. We need to understand that the current requirements are unprecedented and the resources are limited. The prime reason of making this film is to share the "real story" behind today's Bihar and the struggle of Biharis.

We need to showcase this film to as many people as possible, especially to the people of Bihar. All these activities need funds. We request you to buy the CD/VCD of Bring Back Bihar from us. The money thus generated will be used to publicize this movie and showcasing this movie to as many location as possible in Bihar and India.

If you want to associate with this movement please

To buy the CD/VCD please send mail to

The price of the DVD is 399/- plus Rs 50/- for courier. Total 449/-.

Money can be transfered to Nitin's account directly. Here are the details.

We have decided to display the list which will have the name of buyers (I would like to call them as donors/supporters). Expense report will also be shared with the world.



Anonymous said...

giving feedback for ur articles is really very difficult..anyways i'll try my level your article you have said that you need to showcase this film to as many people as possible, "especially to the people of Bihar"..but the fact is that the Biharis are already aware of their you people need to publicize this to as many Non-Biharis as you can...they really need it..
waiting for your next article...take care

Anonymous said...

All the best!!!!