Sunday, May 31

Sorry for the delay, in 'The Black Rose-Final'

People, I am genuinely sorry, for having kept you waiting for the third and final part of the story!!!

I have to shift to a new nest, and its giving me nightmares, people. For last three years, was living at the same flat, but since the landlord could only increase the rent at 12% annually, he thought better to get us off the block. Afterall, the rent has surged to 200%. I really, don't understand how on this earth, people do pay astronomical rent!

And now, I do not want to stay in Ghaziabad, as the basic amenities are hard to come by, with 8-12hours of power cut, and many vital things missing, like proper public transport. So, I have been searching for nest in Delhi, in Jamna Paar, but even there the rent is 300-400% higher than the one I am paying.

In last four years in NCR, I have had changed 8 flats, of which last three years were spent in just one. I don't know, what future holds. I love this city, but its high rentals doesn't want to love me, or get loved by me.

.....Will update the post soon....


Keshi said...

Happy house-hunting!

Here in Aus too the rent is sky-rocketting! Thats why I bought my own place just 2 weeks ago :)

Why dun u buy? Think abt it. I hate renting, hv done that so many times..and finally I had enough hehe.

Good luck to ya!


Jugaad_Owner said...

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Rajeev R said...

@ Keshi-

Hehe. I am still studying Grads. It won't be possible for me to buy a flat at this stage....and flat coming at not less than 50lakh over here.
Lemme earn money...loads of it...and would buy many flats.

@ Jugaad Owner

Thanx for visiting. Hey, your site is a good one!

Ms.R. said...

O yaa I understand. Even we had to shift our nest. 9 times in 2 years. Koi nahi yaar... Pehle pehle it's frustrating but then it's ok. Give it a go. Change your mindset into cceptance mode, then everything will fall into place :)

Rajeev R said...

@ Ms. R

Yeah, yeah.....

Everything, eventually, should fall in place

Keshi said...

oh ok...:) I was like that too, studying hard at one stage...and today, all that hard work paid off and I could buy my own place with no help at all. I wish u the same happiness and freedom some day soon!