Thursday, May 7

Need of the hour: RANN

This song is from the upcoming movie; RANN(see the pic above, click on it to read the text).

I was awe-struck by the stark truth presented. Obviously, The song showed me a harsh truth or the reality. I have been one of those hard-hitting optimistic about Bharat, and its future.

I stand by what I said in last post, There has to be a revolution on a huge magna scale. A complete overhauling of the Bharatiya System. Someting has to be done. We can't sit idle... Its not just about Politician, Bureaucrats, Industrialist, Petty Government Employee.....its also about Me, and You: THE US. We let things happen! Come, Stand...Be Counted!

Jai Hind!


*KHUSHI* said...

I was searchign for this song.. finally got it... feel like to give tight slap to RGV


GIving a tight slap is what u can wish for Khushi but the facts RGV is trying to put across is as true as we are alive. What can be the best way to communicate it than taking the help of jan-gan-mana....?

I totally lend my support to RGV for atleast shaking up many a thoughtful people. Not all aoffcourse.

One must try to grab the reality he is talking about in this country rather than just harping around that RGV has distorted the national anthem. I think he hasnt distorted the national anthem at all. He is just using it as a medium to convey. Why is it so challenging for people to take it this way ?