Tuesday, December 30

Mobile Scenario in India

Next Year itself, all the cellular numbers in Bharat, would get converted into 11 digit, all the current numbers getting pre-fixed with 9. This is done in league with the ever-increasing cellular subscribers in Bharat. 
It would also include, the pager numbers. Though Pager Usage is on decline.

Around February next year, 3G spectrum would be auctioned, and very soon, you would be able to view streaming live TV, cricket matches etc. on your 3G enabled cell phone. Though in metros, not everyone would be able to. As spectrum is less, and it would be allotted to at most 2 operators, other than MTNL/BSNL. 
In worse cases, they would be offered 2G spectrum as well.

By the way, China by-passed 3G and directly hopped onto 4G.

And yeah, one more information for all you Chinese Phone users, next year onwards, you might not be able to use Chinese mobiles, as most of them do not have IMEI no.(Mobile's identity, in  layman's word). So, better start looking for reputed brands. By the way, just for information, all reputed brands get their handsets manufactured in China, including Spice(Indian by brand).


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