Wednesday, December 10

Back to Blogging, after a long hiatus! Welcome....

मृदु भावों के अंगूरों की आज बना लाया हाला,
प्रियतम, अपने ही हाथों से आज पिलाऊँगा प्याला,
पहले भोग लगा लूँ तेरा फिर प्रसाद जग पाएगा,
सबसे पहले तेरा स्वागत करती मेरी मधुशाला।।
— बच्चन (मधुशाला)

Finally decided to start blogging all over again, after an hiatus of 3 years. (Last blog of mine was around two and half years back, then I used to blog at and, but then all of a sudden decided to suspend it all

My Grey Cells keep on buzzing me every now and then, which somehow gets diversified and eventually lost in plethora of insipid activities. However, now, I’ll try to Bindaas Bol now, as soon as a brain rhythmic activity occurs!

Well, I quoted Bacchan Saheb at the very first, as I always have been a die-hard fan of his trilogy, including Madhushala, which has been my alltime favorite!

I’ll be writing about almost everything and eventually, nothing…hehe! That’s not my plan, though! I usually write toward matters pertaining to society, nation, interest, hobbies, politics et al. So, Incase you find my works/write-ups/scribbles/random thoughts/useless banters, useful, informative or interesting, do not forget to link me up. (Afterall, at many instances, don’t you wish, that someone(in some cases,”that someone”), read your personal diary. So no harm, if I expect you all to read this not-so-personal or rather, public blog. 
And comments are mandatory…..Good or bad, doesn’t matter…..

so, welcome aboard…. /  

Rajeev Ranjan.


Melange said...
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Anonymous said...

Really Rajeev i am so much impressed about your work that wht u had done...
So, on d behlf of it i can say dat u bcome a gr8 software engineer but i think ur nt interested in all these stuffs nd i knw dat ur concontrating on ur studies ...nd i also know that ur going to become a DM dear good keep growing in ur life and i pray to god that u always become sucess in ur life and may god bless u...ur's truly friend PRADEEP CHOUDHARY

Anonymous said...

i dont know so much complexed english words to describe this mate of mine,
i describe him as a simple, enjoyer of life, and at last good at heart. i wish him best of luck in life.although i think we haven't been yet so close bt there's never a bad time to praise sum one whoz as friendly as he....

so dear again AlL tHe BeSt FoR yOuR bRiGhT fUtUrE...


Melange said...

@ Pradeep Choudhary

hehe, thanx so much for the wonderful goodie-goodie words. But I wish you had commented more about the blog, in particular, rather than me!!!

And btw, I am not tht good, as you perceive me to be. Gnnawww...

Thanx a ton, anyways

kabyashree said...

good work buddy.......i mean gr8888888