Tuesday, December 16

Bruised is my soul! Winter, might heal it!

Lonely, yeah, that's what I am, at the moment!

Loneliness eats me up from within, hallucinates my being, bogs me down to the extreme core! It takes away rationalization from me, and along with that takes away, my genuine smile(fake smiles are always there on my face 24x7, aah, yes even when I am sleeping), my happiness, my reason of existence..quite everything, almost.


It bothers me all the more, because its winter, again! Winter, my favourite season. The season when flowers are getting ready to nip again, trees having shed its every leaf, getting ready for the extravaganza of greenery, romance enveloping the weather, love and friendship taking the lead in everything, air has its own peculiar charm. Winter has a different touch, it heals souls, and has everything which is good(except for the cracked skins, and bad odor emanating from having not bathed for a week).


It felt so good walking by Siri Fort Road, in this weather, fresh leaves, fresh cool breezy air, fresh girls...errr....i mean beautiful girls puffing one after another, and then returning back to Cafe Coffe Day, for a Masala tea, accompanied by an orange muffin, and enjoying every sip sitting outside CCD, under the warm sun. Wow! If that's not heavenly, what is!


But this time, is different!!! Winter seems to be punishing me. Punishing me, for the decisions I made.

Quitting Engineering after second year, doing injustice to the first year English Major Course, and then......haaah..lots of thing!!! Were these decisions not put into practise, I'd have been a well-paid Engineer, by now, as my friends are. But I don't regret my decisions! They were mine, they didn't pay-off as I thought they would, so what!! Life always can't be good to you, not always! In my case, there has been rarity of good things. They ought not to be!


Well, as springs are not forever, so should be with Summers!!! Always in a hope, always optimistic, always the one to stretch my jaw muscle a bit extra......will wait for the loveliest weather, WINTER, in my life....




P.S.: This blog hasn’t much significance in larger context. It was only intended to vent out personal angst, frustration. Social based issues will feature soon! Till then, keep visiting....



And yes People, to keep me going, you need to give me my food, my feedbacks. However, Whatever, good, bad, they encourage me to write....absence of them makes me turn a nelson’s eye toward my own blog! So if you have read till here, do not close this tab or type another address in the address bar, before typing for me a small review!!! Thnx, Cheers!



anonymous said...

you seem to be an interesting person with vivid passions.a dreamer.black and white at the same time.a person who can feel the romance in nature and admire beauty.you see so many colours.you can't be lonely.
you quit engineering and say you don't regret it!!!you are certainly a mystery which i would love to unravel through your posts.i would be eagerly waiting for your other posts.
well done!you know your words...

Melange said...


first of all, thanx for commenting. People do give the feedbacks through different medium, but I personally welcome it through the media they are feedback'ing'about.

Well, passions...yes, I am known to be a passionate person. But, you would also know me as one, who looses entire passion in something after a while. Few Strong Exceptions, though are always there; Weather is one of them.
Loneliness, is a state of mind, which isn't always prevalent.

Believe me, I don't have an iota of regret about quitting Engineering. People say, I'd have done good over there..n lot else. But, personally, I'd not have been satisfied. Well, could be...doing that might have made my life easier and simpler in short term. But in long term, i'd have led a frustrated and agonied life.

...and yeah, y don't you comment through your 'me n my reflections'id...It would have been more comfortable for me to strike a rythm as a co-blogger. Hehe! Btw, I know...you have already unravelled the mysteries, mystery!!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is simply awesome...Taking short cuts in life is not always good...what you are doing right now(as your career)is the best thing you could ever do in your life...being depressed with what you don't have is not the way of living...and moreover quitting engg.was the best decision you took in your life...there are many things that come into your life(the unexpected & unwanted ones)......but thats DESTINY.........

you will have your wonderful winter some day...or may when you are 30yrs old...hehe :-P
Loneliness is the best part of life just ENJOY IT!!

Melange said...

@ anonymous, yet again

First of all thanx for reading my blog, and appreciating it! Well, longer route gives more enjoyment, provided you have immense patience, and ofcourse, the fruit is sweeter. And yes, I am not depressed with my decision. Seems, fate is.
Regarding wonderful winter, yuppie...I enjoy it quite so very much. And @30, hope and pray, it will be extremely sweeter, and wish it will be sweeter fr u as well. It has been enough of headaches....by now, already!!!

ANd yup, enjoying Loneliness to the core..