Wednesday, July 29

तब तक, दुनिया बुरी है, मै भला हूँ|

ये भ्रम सब ने पाला है
इस झूठ को सच मान डाला है
की दुनिया बुरी है
मै भला हूँ |

ये शब्दों की व्यथा भी देखे
सच और झूठ एक ही पंक्ति में
देखना तो बस नजरिया है
दुनिया बुरी है
मै भला हूँ |

रावण ने सीता हरण किया, अंहकार
राम ने वध किया, महिमा अपरम्पार
हरण या हत्या?
दुनिया बुरी है
मै भला हूँ|

कौरवो का राज, पाप
पांडवो का कपट, साफ़
द्रौपदी पे दांव, या उस दांव का मान?
दुनिया बुरी है
मै भला हूँ|

प्रतिदिन इस जीवन में
भावुकता देती हमारे मन को सींच
तर्क वितर्क तिरस्कार अलंकार
प्रेम घृणा को करते भींच
चल देते राह पे ये कहके,
दुनिया बुरी है,
मै भला हूँ|

न जाने कितनो का ह्रदय तोडे
कितनो का किया अपमान
सोचा नहीं, निशा और किरण का सम्बन्ध
मेघा और वर्षा में अंतर
बस, दुनिया बुरी है
मै भला हूँ|

झूठ ही सच है, और सच भी झूठ
जाने ये हम कब मानेंगे
की, हालात पहलु है, और हम नज़रिया
तब तक, दुनिया बुरी है
मै भला हूँ|

--राजीव रं. की रचना


Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Very apt title for a poem like this...

I think everyone thinks the same...

Problem is, they think thier view is right and when they commit the same mistake, they dont judge it in the same way as they did in case of others..

Raavan ne to seeta ko chua bhi nahi tha, aur use marne ka mu dekhna pada...

pandavas ne bhi bahut se kapat kiye,jise sabhi "jang mein sab chalta hai ka naam de dete" and ignore it..

Very nice attempt rajeev....
apart from examples which i liked, your last two stanza's are very good...

divsi said...


evrythin changes with this one word..:) its always the poor me..the victimised me..the why me...superb poem..u take me back to hindi poems must thank u for it:)
have a great week..

Rajeev R said...


hehe thanx for the goodie-goodie words. thank you thank you

@ Divsi

We have marginalised Hindi to the wall. Do we read, or even see a good quality Hindi Novel...? I am an English Literature student! lol

anyways...thanx for viewing....and for the kind words

rahul said...

'divish' had rightly said that is 'PERCEPTION' that differentiate the views of different person on the same action....

main thing which matters is the environment in which they are living even their perception or way of thinking comes out of that.....
the facts which you have taken of ram n ravan...and kauravs and pandavas... all have their own aspects and different aspects gives different views.....

hehe.... you must be thinking what i m trying to

i totally agree with your thought .... every action has its own pros and cons but we only see what we want to see ..... hehe.....
i think is its too much from my part as u know i never write too much except in UPTU

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

i see a comment being deleted which was written by you.. why?

Anyways i left a comment for you and divsi at third gender in my blog..

Prachi Joshi said...

jab tak tum apne antarman mein chupaye rakhoge ye aseem vichar dharnayen tab tak hi tum bhale ho aur duniya buri hai.... par manush jis din yeh sab tumne keh dalaa nisankoch…fir toh tum hi tum bure ho aur duniya bhali ho jayegi...
na unche bol, na mahan vachan... na unche bol, na mahan vacahan.. arrey manush yeh toh ek dum saral si baat hai.... jab tak apne vichar apne man mein hai tab tak hum bhale hai... jis din wah bahari duniya mein padarpan kar dete hain....hum kahin ke nahin reh jate hai... hum kahin ke nahin reh jate hai…
yeh koi bhashan nahin sunaye chale jate hain hum.. yeh toh aap beeti hai jo tumhe keh sunayi hai… fir bhi humein garv hai ki kuch toh humne aisa kaha jo kisi aur ne na kaha..
aur jo tumne keh diya…. Wah toh hamari soch ne socha bhi na tha…
prashansniya kavya ki rachna kar dalii hai aapne toh
agli baari kavya sammelan mein jarur jaiyega
do chaar panktiya apni bhi suna aaiyega :)

Mahesh Sindbandge said...

In reply to your comment there..

you mean to say, its better if we right a story on a non-philosophical track?? Please clear it a little..

I have lots of story lines but the time factor postpones them..

divsi said...

dear rahul.......

divish???:O;):O direct gender change??????lol

Rajeev R said...

@ Rahul...

Chalo UPTU ke alawa bhi kucch padhe to isi bahane...

Aur btw...DIVISH...??? :-O
Go and see an ophthalmologist...This is what Engineering does to a sane person!


And thanx for reading....and writing that too 10 lines....

@ Mahesh
didnt delete any...


hehe....I replied to your comment....@ Facebook! Masallah, Hindi apki behad khubsurat hai!


I addressed ur concern with Rahul :-P

divsi said... yr comment...n replied..its final i ll mail it on ya gmail account on sunday..u can think all ya way to dilli..;p

Rajeev R said...

ohk...Thanx! Sure...Back to Dilli won't be boring!

Mahesh Sindbandge said...


rahul said...


oops.. sorry for that "divish"..hehe..
but i really dont mean that... it was just a


n u.... i really like to comment when i found something good.... and this time i really find so...


bondgal_rulz said...

Aapki rachna bahut hi utkrisht hai. :D

Loved the sarcastic tone. :)


rahul said...

are yaar kya poem likhi hai kasam se,
bilkul dil ko chu gai yaar, main to tumhara fan ho gaya Bilkul,
tum kitab kyun nahi likhte ho yaar,
main tumhari pehli kitab kharidunga

rahul said...

bhai mere comment ka jawab jarur dena, mere ko mail karke..............

Rajeev R said...

@ Bondgalz

Sarcasm is the undertone of this poem! Rightly said!

Dhanyavad, apke bahumulya tippani ke liye...

and Plz Update ur blog soon!

@ rahul

I am honored, Rahul! Ask Saurabh to change his profile name, from Rahul to Saurabh. I got confused!

Hehe...I am not that good a writer to write a book! I am still to learn the master-stroke of a writer and his Ink, which renders indelible imprint on our minds!

Thanx, nevertheless!

Keep Visiting!

divsi said...

rahul: its wokay yaar:))

rajeev: mail ka reply to karo..milli bhi hai ya nahi??:(

Mahesh Sindbandge said...


Mail/2nd part agar pad liya to call karna, i am sure tumhe continue karne ke liye maine clues nahi chode....I mean i have hidden cetain things which you need to disclose it your part...

gimme a call sometime :)


sm said...

like it

Esther said...

I could follow a lil =)
Liked it.

Keep blogging! =)

Anonymous said...

that is the attitude of people..they consider themselves right...but i think thats necessary for one's happy living..the day when one person will start taking himself and his/her decisions wrong than it will be very difficult for him to live...
anyways..nice pem..good thoughts.