Wednesday, August 19

A long delay!


Aboard Sachkand Express. Nanded-Amritsar. 

| I derive source for my writing from my

laziness, and       

observation! But, People…I am not getting time to be lazy! (lol) So many things, So little time!  And a pressure to prioritize, putting other things before blogging and many personal agendas.

Meanwhile, Journey allowed me to finish three novels.

The Kite Runner, Thousand Splendid Suns. Both by Khalid Hosseini and The Six Suspects by Vikash Swaroop(Q&A/Slumdog Millionaire fame). Latter one is a thriller based on real events, and movie rights for this has been already bought. Previous two, though, tells the tale of Afghanistan, but it has been done with such a beauty, that you get touched with all the facts, and you never think in the process! Both are masterpiece, by a master story teller! I can read them, a thousand times over!

Would return soon on the circuit! With a bang! till then, take care!



Mahesh Sindbandge said...

Haaaa.. seeing you back is kind of relief...

donno why, a connection had built up in last few weeks with both of you :)

How was ur birthday, any surprises? any gifts?? was /is my first question to you

second wud be how are you ? :p

Nice picture, have u taken them??

how can you read 3 novels?? that to being in company with friends?? they dont allow me you know.. :P

Kite Runner is my al time favorite and TSS is almost a tornado of tragedies ...

Six suspects maine nahi padi abhi...


Kavi said...

All those books are neat ones ! And they do leave a profound impact on people !

Especially the ones that read them for the joy of reading them !

hmm !

Anonymous said...

i read kite runner last month..
its a nice novel...
don't know about the other two...
so many holidays made me read some fve point someone, memories of midnight, false impressions, trust me, 11 minutes, love story [ erich segal]...

muskaan said...

hi rajeev! i am a new reader though not a new person for you.. hope you remember...this is muskaan. i read all your blogs and they are all very good. you are an-almost dedicated blogger as your blogs have been more or less regularly written.
i would like to specially comment on a few blogs. first is the blog written on elections and voting - i share your view and appreciate that you wrote about such an important issue and in such a nice manner. second is the story- black rose. the beginning of the story was too good. this does not mean the rest was not, but yeah you seemed to loose grip of the plot as it moved on. none the less its very nice.
your write up on the woman who faced harrassement was also nice. although there was nothing special in the way it was written, the topic is so much prevelant that it demands firm responses.
you seem to be a very diversely active person. good to get to know you- even if only through what you write.

bondgal_rulz said...

Oh God!! Your post is yet another reminder for me to read A Thousand Splendid Suns!!

I'm totally in love with the Kite Runner. The Six Suspects sounds like just the book I'd love to read. :)

So you travelling?? Have fun!!


Rajeev R said...

@ Mahesh

hehe...same here! I read them in Train! Bday was fine...okie. Sort of...!




I have read all the books you read! They all are superb ones!

@ Muskaan are a sort of mystery character for me, frankly. I see ur comments on my website, and now on my blog. But I don't know an iota about you. Surprising, ain't it? But, from Delhi...AS U SAID...I KNOW THAT NOW..!
Anyways,....keep visitng

@ Bondgal

Yeah, read it. Its awesome!

Anonymous said...

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