Monday, August 31

Still going strong..

this poem was written by me, a few years back....on a day of autumn, on a day of reminiscing someone special, on a day of love, on a day of remembrance. 4 years back.

The Moonlight Still goen strong
Breezes still creating a beautiful song
And me, still all alone. All Alone.
Then why is it taking you so long
Come on honey, has been too long.
Standing on the bridge across the lake
Reminescing, the love we used to make
Your touch and the shiver it did get
Your absence, the way it gives me heck!
Darling, it has been extremely long
With the feeling ever growing strong
Can't bear without you, can't always be alone.
Come on sweetheart, IT HAS BEEN  TOO LONG.
And I'm all alone.


Anonymous said...

the emotions in your words are still spilling over... even after 4 years.
all i can say is, "nice..."

Anonymous said...

amongst these three poems...i liked this one the most...i felt the same emotions evoking in me!!!
loved this one!!!

muskaan said...

wow! you've written it beautifully. and with lots of passion. as if you could feel every pulse of the moment you have described. and reading it made me feel the same.

Prachi Joshi said...

Good One :)

Anonymous said...

i think u deserve someone vry special....lovely poem