Monday, August 31

Saline and all that....

This poem is one, which I wrote around 6-7 years back, when I was in 12th standard. A special Someone, a dear bosom friend,  found my poem somewhere, and surprised me by quoting all of it. It was on net, itself. On some old blog of mine! 
I find, my poems and other write-ups, funny now! And stupid as well. They are. But still, Am putting up here.

Mischievous Life

Nothing in life, I could feel,
And the air was extremely still.
I had chosen for myself, one way road
With, hallucinating, all of "ME" load.

No joy, No smile, No sorrow, No tear
Unperturbed, Nothing could bring me fear
Time drew back, but ambience still stale
My taciturn mouth & face remained pale.

A turn came, where aromatic fresh air disturbed
Beautiful birds came in and chirped
Many souls with myriad variety i met
One enigmatic soul got me attracted.

In perverse moments, two of our souls gelled
And now, out of nowhere unlimited happiness hailed
Weather got rosier and much better
As the thorns shrunk and trees got taller

That was the cosiest of times worth everything
Together were the two souls, on each road, every x-ing
The b'ful sweet water lake started expanding more
Brought sparkles, smiles & laughters galore.

Spring had stepped in, to change me
Vibrating colourful life, everywhere I could see
Lovely red daffodil leaves, golden waterfall
Always to my ear came, my favorite soul's call

But not long, when dusk suddenly dawned
Mockingly, all good things yawned
Heartless souls created around us cacophony
And Darkest of clouds assured viacrious harmony

Clouds hovered high, Heavy rains lashes around us all places
Birds, like our happiness, vanished leaving no traces
But our sould had wished happiness but not ephermal
Smile, the sould put up as a facde, only unreal.

Absent were beeches, encircled us mud
Apocalyptic silence, nothing could be heard
when heartless souls again gave us a jerk
Terrible enuff to make our life berserk.

Strangers to tear, the seperated sould cried.
Realizing, promises by life were lied.
Left with only hopes, future, poor sould didn't, then, see
heartbroken, as i reminisces, SALINE TRAIL ME
However hard i try SALINE TRAIL ME.

P.S: Instead of "SALINE TRAIL ME", there was "TEARS FAIL ME"..but Another dear friend has his poem by the same tweaked it a bit!


Anonymous said...

whats stupid n funny in it? u've have written it... n that in itself is a big thing. it expresses you!
ask those who aren't even a tid-bit creative and you will realise your gift

muskaan said...

hey raj... i visited your blog cause you mailed me your blog address in response to my mail. so why are u so surprised. m not so much of a mystery character as you percieve me to be. quite normal.
as regards this is very nice.
"A turn came, where aromatic fresh air disturbed
Beautiful birds came in and chirped
Many souls with myriad variety i met
One enigmatic soul got me attracted."
have you written it about your own self? so you have had a lot of girlfriends and 'one enigmatic soul' attracted you! heheh
one or many????

Rajeev R said...

Hey Muskaan....Well...I call you mystery, cause you are! When you come to my blog, you delete your IP entry. Further, you use just the name thing...when Easily you could have used your google Id!
Now, why would anyone want to keep away his identity, whats the problem in disclosing it?

Hmm...this poem was written a good 6-7 years back, when I had plethora of girl friends....! But as of now, I am too busy with other things of go wooing a girl!


Anyways...I do not like the poem..


Its funny and stupid....!